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Cocktail Party Bus Restoration
5 Aug 2016

After scouring the country for an unusual vehicle that suit his drive in cocktail bus bar ambitions, Big Al came across the fantastic 1965 Leyland Tiger Cub bus you see here today.

The single decker bus once ran local bus services for up to 41 passengers in and around Nottingham operated by Trent Motor Traction. Whilst it had undoubtedly passed its glory years, this wonderful classic vehicle was still running and presented itself as the perfect automobile to begin Big Al’s Drive In project.

Big Al and his dedicated team of carpenters, mechanics & electricians set to work earlier this year, by no means a simple undertaking, but Big Al’s passion and attention to detail kept the project on track and ensured every little part of the The Cocktail Bus is of the highest standard for your events.

Our first task was to convert the interior from a passenger carrying machine to a premium cocktail bar. Obviously the majority of the seats had to come out but the rear set (all the most rebellious people sat in the back seats of the bus right?!) and a couple of pairs that have been recovered in a retro material, became a small VIP zone complete with solid wood table.

The entire floor was stripped & recovered with a dark wood effect covering. The original luggage racks were removed from the ceiling to be replaced by a textured stainless steel moulded panelling to fit the curve of the roof. Big Al and his team of experienced mixologists designed the interior bar space with just the right amount of storage and surface area to ensure that whatever the size of your event they will be making the very best of cocktails and getting them across that bar top to you!

Then it was time to begin the exterior renovation! After considering a variety of different colour palettes, Big Al decided to revitalise the original paintwork; even though the bus was having a new lease of life, it is a lovely nod to her previous world with the original deep red and soft cream combination.

Looking shiny and fresh, the Leyland Tiger Cub bus returned to Big Al’s team for a few finishing touches: the windows were hinged to open outwards and a fold out portion of solid American walnut bar was added. Big Al’s beautifully designed logo & contact details were produced and applied – Destination ‘The Cocktail Bus’ at the front of course! Modern colour changing LED lighting was installed along the underside of the bar, throughout the ceiling and under the exterior canopy, allowing you to customise the LED colours for your event too.

With a few mechanical parts updated that was it, The Cocktail Bus was ready to get on the road!