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7 Feb 2018

So if you didn’t know us before ‘The Cocktail Bus’, you might be wondering why some of the photos on the website show the bus with a different logo …

After our owner ‘Big Al’ painstakingly and lovingly converting our 1960’s bus into the unique mobile bar you see today, we named the bus in his honour ‘Big Al’s Drive In’. Referencing the huge part he played in the restoration project and his passion for all things cocktails seemed the natural choice, with the ‘drive in’ denoting the fact the bus is still road-worthy and can literally drive in to your event, park up and begin serving our incredible cocktails.

Two glorious summers of events (and many, many chats with our wonderful customers) later, we began to think that the name didn’t really reflect what we actually do. So after a few late night brainstorming sessions with a G&T or two, we have become ‘The Cocktail Bus’.

Same beautifully converted bus, same delectable cocktails and the same friendly service just a shiney new name!